My story

It should easy to do business with businesses. Friction — all the little times where doing something is harder than it should be — kills the customer experience. To summarize my work, I use technology to reduce friction. I enjoy building stuff in this space and love sitting at the intersection of Marketing and Product roles.

Some places I've worked

I've been fortunate to work at some remarkable companies with great people. This isn't exhaustive, though, and should give you a good idea of what I do and why.
2017 — Present
I was the first Conversational Marketer hired at HubSpot and have had the honor of growing the team out since. Now, my team oversees driving demand for sales across onsite chat, in-app chat, calls, SMS, and WhatsApp.
RevUp Capital
2015 — 2017
I helped early-stage, revenue-generating companies scale. It was great to see how go-to-market strategies worked across different sizes and verticals.
2013 — 2016
I founded a subscription box company to rethink how lacrosse players got gear. I still look back fondly on this chapter — nothing beats the hand-to-hand combat of early-stage companies.

Some things I've written

Some things I've said

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Let's chat

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